there’s no better feeling than no roommates. the transformation is so quick!

hey there cute baby snail

late night with don rickles

late night with don rickles



I swear the fuckin producers of the simpsons knew shit was an issue before anyone opened their eyes.

Totally. It’s such a bummer that not a single person on earth had ever thought about the social issues that lead to crime or about prison overcrowding until Lisa Simpson mentioned it in a 1995 animated Fox sitcom. Thank god our eyes were opened.

More importantly though, this episode ignited the furious debate over whether or not a garage is actually called a “car hole.” My fuckin eyes are still open on that one.

Holy fuck that comment. The Rodney King Riots sure didn’t do it but glad Lisa Simpson taught us all about police corruption.

This is a rap song about eating rich people with a video written and directed by Brent Weinbach. Nothing has ever been more up my alley. I’ve been listening to this record nonstop forever, just discovered the video tonight.

I am spending Halloween in Austin!!


in class today we discussed a case where a guy was found in a field trying to get intimate with a horse and all i could think of was donrickles. so cass, that’s your legacy

i fucked that horse.

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Gary Shandling & Don Rickles are the same person?!...I knew it!

Yup! Garry Shandling is where I reblog stuff. Don Rickles is where I post original and personal stuff (and very rarely reblog things I want more people to see).


on hour 7 of 15 of my wednesday.


on hour 7 of 15 of my wednesday.

guys what happens on