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Oh god, some reeeeeeeal problematic shit going down in human sexuality.

fuck i made a typo in that redskins thing.

whatever that joke is still killer.

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Here’s a typical thing that happens to Jen Kirkman on twitter:

  • She lists things she will block
  • A guy immediately tweets her one of the things she said she would block
  • He gets blocked
  • He is in shock
  • He is indignant
  • He was a fan but not anymore, not after she blocked him for tweeting her a thing she JUST SAID SHE WOULD BLOCK PEOPLE FOR TWEETING TO HER

Thank you #fuckyeahjenkirkman for making this. Since I blocked him I didn’t see this. But the world should!

"Honestly, I believe I deserve a cookie for having the basic understanding that women are humans and are capable of having character traits like ‘a sense of humor’."

Fuck you, guy who Jen Kirkman blocked. You don’t get to put yourself on a pedestal for doing a not terrible but also not noble thing. You also don’t get to excuse the fact that you sexually harassed her. And really, on a basic level, there is no grand rule that for you to be a fan of someone’s work they have to personally like you and reward you as a human being. You are not owed that.


Jen Kirkman is my hero for her twitter feed alone and looking at the shit she gets infuriates me. God. If I ever ask for applause for doing something as basic as saying “women can be funny” you should beat me up. You should probably beat me up anyways because this looks like I’m asking for applause for not asking for applause for that.

Fuck it, just applaud Jen.

tw: violence, guns, death

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I’m going to vomit.

Not a good mental health day.


God, today is my least favorite day. I have so much to do and no time to do it. And unfortunately that’s going to be true all week but I’m also going to have class and work to contend with. I don’t know how I’m going to survive this. Probably with at least one failing grade.

Kill me.