"Overall, women who were more satisfied with their sexual experiences and with their relationship with their partners were more likely to report a G-spot, even after adjusting for other factors. This was also true for women who fantasize more about sex, are more comfortable with erotic material and talking about sex-related issues."

This was from an article that somehow came to the conclusion that g-spots didn’t exist? Because more older women reported not having them and they couldn’t find any genetic link between people who self-reported them. So basically they disproved that it is a thing that some people have and others don’t and came to the conclusion “so obviously no one has one and the media invented it and told young girls” instead of even allowing the possibility that “so maybe everyone has them and self reports are invalid because older and repressed women may not be properly sexually satisfied.”

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its not halloween its hellaween


it’s not hellaween it’s hella ween.

donrickles —-> halloweenname

Just as a general rule anytime you say someone else is the reason you wound up in prison and that someone else isn’t “the corrupt justice system” you are probably not taking responsibility for a shitty thing you did.

  • Dude: This guy ruined my life. I don't want to get into it but he owes me $15,000 and I had to spend time in prison. He ruined my life and dealing with the aftermath is hell.
  • Me: Yeah, I can imagine.
  • Dude: No you can't.
  • Me: Well, fair.

got those mcnuggets, kid.

there is no way i keep this longer than one day

donrickles —-> halloweenname

I am currently dealing with a customer named Robert Donk Jr. and I keep almost calling him Robert Donkey Jr.